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Tackling inequalities in health for mental health patients

People living with mental illness suffer from many disadvantages in regard with their health status, among others: earlier death, more preventable diseases,  tiresome side effects from medications. In addition to this, when seeking health care they often receive lower quality care compared to other patients.

This article points out the obstacles that people suffering from mental health face in regard of  accessing health care that is adapted to their vulnerabilities.

The main goal of the article is to formulate recommendations for designing health policies that better take into account the needs of mental health patients and thus tackle inequalities in health.

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Great inequity in health workers distribution around the world

Health workforce shortage is becoming  an urgent problem in high income countries ( including Switzerland). In order to respond to an increasing need,  health workers have been drained from other countries ( including from developing countries).

But when looking at the availability of health workers around the world related to the population needs, there is a great inequity in the distribution of nurses and doctors among countries, which should encourage a more fair distribution of resources and a greater effort in education of health workers across the globe.

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